Rent a villa for Easter holidays with your family in Mauritius and save money.

Going on holiday in Mauritius would be a dream come true! In 2019, the French were revealing that they would go on holiday mainly for the sun and the beach, with 64% who would rather travel during summer. Of course, value for money comes into play very quickly when planning a family holiday. Firstly because going on holidays is so much more enjoyable, secondly because you want to please your loved ones and finally because going on a family trip has a significant cost depending on the number of people. Considered as a luxury destination, Mauritius could be a utopian dream for some people since hotel accommodation costs range from 80 to 400 euros on average for a double room per day.


Easter with the family in summer

At this time of the year, Europeans and travellers from elsewhere flock to the ski slopes. It is an option for family holidays, but meanwhile it is still summer in Mauritius and Oazure Villa Mauritius has the right formula for your family to enjoy a holiday under the Indian Ocean sun at Easter. The agency creates for you the holidays of your dreams by offering you a wide range of beachfront villas with a private swimming pool. The advantage of this type of accommodation is its capacity to accommodate from two to eight people with an entry level price of around 160 euros. The whole family can therefore be accommodated in the same place while having private spaces and also benefiting from a variety of home services. Each villa has been carefully selected for this type of customers in order to optimize the stay. Surrounding activities such as golf, kite surfing and other water sports as well as horseback riding will meet the expectations of the whole family. Depending on the services provided, accommodation costs include the cost of the stay being taken care of by an experienced concierge team, including a home chef and a coach. So while mom relaxes peacefully at the home spa, daddy and the children will have something to look after. As you can see, staying with your family in a villa in Mauritius for the Easter holidays has many more advantages than staying in a hotel; staying longer while enjoying the comfort and services of a 5-star hotel. You’ll have quickly done the calculation, the bill is likely to be expensive if you rent a hotel room for more than a week. Oazure has the solution.

Our selections of villas 

The Oazure villas meet the needs of those attracted by the most popular seaside resorts but also for those looking for a total change of scenery far from the hustle and bustle of overly touristic areas in order to enjoy the charm of Mauritian authenticity. Villa Etoile de mer is one of the most popular villas among holidaymakers. Nestled in the east of the island, with its private beach facing Ile aux Cerfs, it offers a typical Mauritian lifestyle with excellent value for money. Exceptional offers can be found on the east, north-east and south coasts. The beachfront villas, with original names such as the Villa Bleue is pleasant and functional and even has a private cove, the Villa Coquillage promises a gentle way of life while the Villa Perle du Sud will make you discover the wildness of the south. Your family will have the pleasure to benefit from the services offered at the villa or to opt for activities in the surrounding area.

What could be better than to come back from your holidays in Mauritius with your family all tanned at the beginning of spring after having spent a dream stay in one of the Oazure villas!

More villas 

Emilie Babet

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