Holiday rental by the water, a dream stay in Mauritius.

Mauritius, nugget of the Indian Ocean, has won the hearts of many travellers. As a tropical island, it has quickly become a must-see destination because it offers a stay combining adventure, well-being and relaxation. Trips and the ocean produce the same benefits for human beings, hence the need to getaway. Travelling above all allows you to break away from daily habits to live the present moment but also to live unforgettable experiences that create memories for life. In addition, finding a little piece of paradise by the sea makes you happier since it synchronizes sleep and improves health and mood.  Oazure Villa has a wide range of beachfront vacation rentals to suit all tastes and budgets to offer you a dream stay in Mauritius.

Our luxury waterfront villas and apartments

Nestled in the north, west and south-east of the island, real gems await travellers: apartments, penthouses and luxury villas. Spacious, they can accommodate up to eight people, including children. The contemporary and elegant style of the premises immediately seduce visitors. To top it all off, the backdrop is a crystal-clear swimming pool and a turquoise lagoon as far as the eye can see. The most beautiful beaches of Mauritius are at your disposal, as well as a wide range of tailor-made activities whether you stay at Manta Cove, Esplanade or Koki Bonheur. Staying in an exceptional villa or luxury villa also includes the services of a chef at home and a butler. The traveller will find there interesting services with an excellent value for money for a group of people looking for an exclusive rental worthy of a five-star hotel.


First price villas signed Oazure

A private beachfront accommodation is not necessarily too expensive. Oazure carefully selects little spots of paradise for its clients. With very attractive prices, these villas, as charming as they are authentic, are real love nests for lovers or holiday headquarters for a large family. Oazure stands out by offering beachfront rentals accompanied by a portfolio of activities in and around the home. Villa Isabella, located along the northeast coast, allows you to discover Creole architecture overlooking a private beach. Villa Iloa, for its part, lets you discover the south-east of the island at Pointe d’Esny and the authenticity of the nearby village of Mahébourg. This villa is ideal since it offers both the calm of the ocean and a landscaped garden but also one of the most famous kite surfing spots on the island.

Staying in Mauritius in one of Oazure’s rentals is to feel at home, in all conviviality and authenticity and as the brand says: “To be as comfortable as in a hotel, but at home”.

Mauritius luxury apartment and penthouse rental 

Emilie Babet

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