Mauritius for the summer holidays?

When we live in Europe, we often say that in summer, at least, we do not need to travel too far to get the sun and the sea, and have a good holiday. We often have only two or three weeks of vacation; Before looking for the hotel or holiday rental that will appeal to the whole family, we take care to choose these weeks in the calendar, and we cross our fingers so that they fall on the “good period”. The one where the sun will be at the rendezvous, without really knowing too much when we can have this certainty as it has been lacking in recent years, but also where the beaches will not be too crowded, nor the sun too much stifling … Fortunately, on vacation, we can recover from the fatigue accumulated by all these calculations and probability …


If for this summer, you dream of preparing your holidays more serenely, while ensuring you a dream stay and a change of scenery for a truly relaxing time, Mauritius, this small paradise island nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, can grant your wishes.

The sweetness of a summer in Mauritius

A mild climate
In Mauritius, life is good all year, but each season offers its advantages. If you come to Mauritius during your summer holidays, you will arrive in the driest season (bye bye the tropical rains) and will enjoy a mild, pleasant and breathable summer, with temperatures ranging between 18 ° C in the morning and 25 ° C in the afternoon, an ideal climate for meals on the veranda, these large terraces in Mauritius.


Sweet prices
It’s the low season. The prices are so sweet too, and yet the island is still beautiful and the temperature of the water oscillates between 21 and 25 ° C.

Luxury Villas on private beaches bordering blue crystal lagoons … what else?
In Mauritius, next to the big all-inclusive hotels, another offer has been developed, allowing you to travel differently, and to fully enjoy your stay in Mauritius: the rental of private villas.
These villas are many and for many at the water’s edge, with a private beach, away from all eyes, for absolute rest and a holiday in privacy.
OAZURE, the agency specializing in the rental of villas in Mauritius, has a wide choice of waterfront villas, with beach and / or private pool (s), accessible to all budgets, in which you can fully enjoy the sweetness of Mauritian life.


Concierge services to dispense with any constraining organization
A chef who cooks for you, a masseuse who comes to your place for a moment of relaxation and well-being, a driver to help you discover the island …

So, what are you waiting for?

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One thought on “Mauritius for the summer holidays?

  1. Hmmm! I would have thought that July and August were the rainy season, but now that I know they’re not I will consider visiting!


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