Valentine’s Day a feast like no other for lovers in Mauritius

Valentine’s Day a feast like no other for lovers. Show the other that you think of him or her with little touches like flowers or a box of chocolates or why not for the great romantics a poem or a serenade. Valentine’s Day is a special day where you make the promise of eternal love even though it often does not last that long 😊


For an unforgettable Valentine’s Day why not fly and head to an exotic destination like Mauritius, a romantic getaway on a paradise island for a stay in a private villa by the sea.


You can enjoy the beautiful beaches of pristine white sand, explore the turquoise sea and enjoy the tourist attractions for two. Mauritius is a flagship destination for weddings and honeymoons, the tropical climate and postcard landscapes provide an idyllic setting for lovers from around the world.

There are many activities for couples in Mauritius, underwater walking, a horseback ride on the beach before watching a beautiful sunset, a day and an evening on a private catamaran with a dinner at candles in the middle of the Indian Ocean, trips to natural parks or tandem skydiving to discover the beauty of the island from above


Mauritius is a melting pot where different cultures rub shoulders. The main languages ​​are French, English and Creole. Authentic Mauritian cuisine is also a mix of these fresh products cultures sourced mainly from the sea and local farmers, as well as street food that promises a culinary journey.


You can enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches, booking your private beachfront villa which offers house staff and additional services like a massage or a chef directly to your villa

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