3 reasons to visit Mauritius during the Christmas holidays


Mauritius is now a destination very coveted by many travelers who are looking for a unique getaway for Christmas holidays and let us say frankly, a paradise island away from the cold and snow, Mauritius seduces thanks to its white sandy beaches, the turquoise sea and the tropical climate all year round. Mauritius has remained away from mass tourism for many years which has been a good thing for this small lush island located in the Indian Ocean because it has managed to retain its authenticity even if it is gaining in popularity.


The beaches


When you head to Mauritius for the Christmas holidays, you want great beaches, and Mauritius does not disappoint. But what is most interesting about this seaside destination is the ubiquitous nature and the mountainous reliefs. Enjoying a few steps from your holiday rental you will find yourself on a beautiful beach to admire a sunset in serenity, however the holidays and weekends forget the loneliness on the beach as the locals always come to enjoy the Beaches with family and Friends for swimming and nautical activities. Each beach is different with stretches of sand ranging from white to fine golden sand and all offer a warm turquoise sea ideal for swimming


Nature in abundance and hiking in the mountains


You know there must be a truly wild side to an island that is home to so many cultures. This volcanic island offers excellent hiking opportunities, but a local guide is highly recommended. During your excursion to discover the wild side of this small but beautiful island, you will discover soothing places such as the Chamarel waterfalls and the seven-colored earth one of the most visited natural attractions of Mauritius on the coast South.


Marine life


Marine life there is a marine life that deserves to be seen at sea offshore in the Blue Bay Marine Park, but most underwater diving excursions also involve the discovery of aquatic life in the boat With background of glass to discover the fish of all the colors that abound. Certified divers with experience will be happy to offer you several spots of all beauty around the island to discover the treasures hide in the seabed all around Mauritius

Oazure villas Mauritius



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