Holiday accommodation the ideal option for your stay in Mauritius.


The holiday season approaches, after choosing the destination and planning your trip you will need to find the perfect accommodation, Mauritius itself as a seaside destination became this last year’s one of the most visited Island of the Indian Ocean. After booking your flight you can start looking for long hours in front of your laptop in order to discover the attractions and activities available near your accommodation in Mauritius, we also find first the accommodation that will meet your expectations, preferably with a stunning view of the turquoise water surrounding the beautiful island of Mauritius.

For your choice of accommodation in Mauritius you will have a selection of the best villas, apartments and vacation home on the island, forget the holiday rentals that no doubt will surprise you by the options offered in Mauritius. If in the distant past holidaymakers were forced to choose between expensive hotel and rental holiday low range for single accommodation in Mauritius, this era is now gone because you will now find a wide range of accommodation vary and all budgets providing quality services to their guests.

The holiday homes once considered the poor cousin of the holiday accommodation that is now a prominent place in the sun thanks to a growing demand for this type of accommodation that has taken off after the economic crisis for travelers looking for alternative. A new clientele thanks to the rise in power of social networks and the Internet has stood out as a great option for vacationers who want to travel while maintaining some autonomy.

The highlights of the holiday accommodation

A living space at home: you will find with a lot to facilitate a holiday fit for many people with a private pool, a tropical garden and a parking area. The perfect option for large families. Everyone needs his little corner to sit and meet. After long days exploring the beautiful island of Mauritius through activities of all kinds, jet lag and small misunderstandings can create a bad atmosphere during your vacation. The property rentals option allows you to limit this kind of disaster scenario.

Intimacy find holiday accommodation that will offers you the opportunity to enjoy your privacy. A moment of solitude or a moment to relax after a long day under a blazing sun. If you want to sleep well concoct a small dish you will find easily a nearby supermarket to buy fresh products a good reason to discover the Mauritian culture from the inside

VIlla Athéna Grand Bay


Villa Agathe


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