A dream vacation in Mauritius


For your next holidays in Mauritius forget all the little snapshots of the Indian Ocean islands, Mauritius is a destination like no other. Beyond the beautiful beaches and the turquoise sea and postcard scenery this little corner of paradise located east of Madagascar remains one of the safest countries in the world, with a flourishing economy and a long political stability, Mauritius is often cited as an example for the African continent.

But Mauritius has not always been like that, there has been a lot of work to promote this destination to start from scratch after independence with the sugar cane industry to diversify the business resource with textiles and tourism to finally get into the international real estate market.

For many Mauritius is a paradise but the term paradise is subjective because by lifting the veil on the beautiful beaches, luxury hotels and the modern infrastructure the true beauty of Mauritius is in the variety of its inhabitants and their incredible love of life that is often contagious.


Leaving the beaten track offering by small tours you will quickly stunned by its premises, even if there are many people who live modestly in Mauritius they all live together in harmony and it is this aspect so special that makes Mauritius so wonderful. So if you visit Mauritius and want to discover the true face of this small island opt for a holiday rental, the perfect accommodation to soak up this new culture

The vacation rentals allow you to visit Mauritius at your own pace, you move according to your desires and finally this option will save on your budget dedicated to the accommodation and will give you the opportunity to undertake more activities. You will have a wide choice for your holiday accommodation you will find in Mauritius rental of all kinds of beachfront luxury villa, apartments, guest houses and bungalows.


Activities in Mauritius are varied you find water sports offered on most beaches of the island such as kite surfing, parasailing, kayaking or scuba diving for nature lovers you can visit one of the many parks for hiking in the heart of a burgeoning nature of life.

Visit this little corner of paradise but especially meet the friendly people and take the time to leave the beaten track to really experience the true beauty of Mauritius

Holiday rentals with OAZURE


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