5 good reason for renting a beautiful holiday villa for your holidays in May in Mauritius

holiday villas mauritius

The month of May offers the ideal climate for a holiday in Mauritius.
The humidity levels are much lower than in the height of summer, and temperature vary between 22 and 27° C. With tourism as one of the main pillars of Mauritian economy, the island offers a big variety of activities and services for adults and children alike and is ideal for a holiday with the family or with a group of friends.

• Take a break in the middle of the Indian Ocean

The « Dodo » island is located East of Madagascar and South of La Réunion. If you are looking for a change of scenery, look no further: protected by a barrier of coral reef, the paradise-like island offers fantastic sandy beaches, crystal-clear lagoons with a rich and colourful marine life as well as an incomparable cultural diversity.

The island successfully unites Hindu, Creole, Chinese and European customs to create its own, very distinctive and rich culture.
Guests will be able to enjoy the culinary delights of each ethnic group, and curious travellers might want to take part in one of the numerous religious celebrations.

• May : the beginning of a tropical winter

The month of May with its pleasant climate represents the perfect transition between a hot and humid summer and the tropical winter. Temperatures of about 25° C during the sunny days and water temperatures in the lagoons of about 24° C offer ideal conditions for sun bathing and watersports.
As the trade winds start to blow at about 10 to 20 knots during this time of the year, this month is perfect for kite and wind surfers. If you are not a fan of the winds, we recommend a stay on the North or West coasts, well protected from the steadily blowing South-Easterly winds.

mauritius holiday

• Villa rental : freedom of choice in your own holiday home, with services just like in a hotel!

Are you looking for a real holiday? Rent a holiday villa in Mauritius! You will find a wide selection of holiday accommodation, from a classic beachfront cottage to the most luxury villas of the island.
You don’t want to do all the cooking or mind the children? Looking for an adventurous outing or a day at sea?

This is where the magic of Oazure’s concept comes in! Thanks to its large catalogue of activities and services, Oazure offers villa holidays with services and activities like in a hotel. This hardly impacts on your budget, and you have the freedom of choice to spend your holidays with your family and friends at your own rhythm, without the programming and scheduling you would need to do at a hotel. Do not hesitate to contact Oazure for a detailed quotation of available accommodation and check out their website … you won’t be able to resist.

• A holiday destination for the whole family

We have already mentioned the cultural richness of Mauritius, but it is also important to mention the natural heritage of the island with its diverse flora and fauna.

Families will enjoy a relaxing time on the beach: sun bathing, swimming, snorkeling and watersports for the more active guests are on offer everywhere. We also recommend a hike through the lush vegetation or up one of the numerous tropical mountains, offering breathtaking views and unforgettable landscapes.
On the East coast, you can visit traditional creole fishing villages and go on a pirogue ride to Ile d’Ambre to discover the surrounding mangroves.

Golfers will find a variety of golf courses of international standing around the whole island, which makes Mauritius one of the most sought after golfing destinations in the world.

villa mauritius

• Villas on every coast !

As Mauritius’ main source of income is tourism, it is not surprising that charming villas are available for rent on every coast on the island.
The North is well known for its lively resort atmosphere, with a variety of restaurants, bars, entertainment and beaches.
The East coast offers the most beautiful turquoise lagoons, quaint fishing villages, as well as authenticity and natural beauty.
The South coast is more mountainous and “wild”, with waterfalls, sugar cane fields and a rocky coastline dominating the landscape.
The West reminds us of the African savannah : hotter and drier than elsewhere on the island, nature has adapted accordingly. You will experience the most beautiful sunsets in this part of Mauritius.

In short, Mauritius has got something to offer for all ages and all tastes, and for any budget – a winning recipe for a successful and extraordinary holiday.

Happy holidays!

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